Pilot model of St. Petersburg

29 October 2016, 17:53

A MATSim model of Saint-Petersburg will be created as a part of a “SmartCity” project. An extension with UrbanSim integration Is possible.
The PT Smartcard data is used for the generation of the initial demand. The car traffic, subway, tram and urban rail networks are simulated. For the first iteration of the scenario the surface transit (buses, trolleybuses) will be replaced by the synthetic network created using the minibus extension, as there is no GTFS data available for Saint-Petersburg. The synthetic network to be compared with the existing one.
The accessibility of the social infrastructure will be analyzed for different modes of transport. The ways to improve the accessibility by public transit will be investigated at the further step of the research. The other possible extension is the integration with an UrbanSim model of the city.